Fun New Wedding Tradition | The First Look

A popular trend in the wedding world today is to include a First Look before your Ceremony.  It is easy to get caught up in how untraditional this new tradition is.  Couples who have utilized a First Look are dispelling the myth that the groom won’t react as he sees his bride approach on wedding day.   Later couples tell us they still felt the power of walking towards one another in front of family and friends to say “I Do”.  

The groom often enjoys this moment more than anyone.  Guys like having privacy for their expression of emotion of seeing their bride for the first time.   He may look calm and collected but we find those nerves are there.  Having your groom busy embracing the love of his life and taking photos instead of having extra cocktails with his groomsmen has its bonuses.  This moment is equally nice for the bride who is relaxed being with the one who calms her best.  Your day becomes sweetly improved by sharing this time with the one you love most.  

As you plan your Wedding think how much care you take for every detail.  It makes sense to slow down your day and get the most from your photographer’s talent.  With a First Look we have more time to place you, make adjustments, and take the romantic images you dream of.  What a nice stress release and opportunity for extra romantic photos.  

Other benefits include taking photos while you are at your freshest, different backgrounds and lighting for your romantic series, and a relaxed atmosphere for your Wedding Day.  If you would like to avoid photos during cocktail hour, have your photographers arrive a couple hours early for any combination of romantic, family, and/or wedding party photos.  Instead of rushing after your Ceremony you enjoy extra time with guests as a new couple.  During these moments your photographers take fluid candid views knowing a lot of photos are already complete.  

Here at McLaughlin Photo Video we know just how special it is for the bride to see her groom’s reaction and have this memory for years to come.  With a First Look you get to see it twice and enjoy no time crunch on your wedding day.  

- Rachel & Donna

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to share ideas.