1. Will I receive all of my photos? Yes, you will receive all of the photos that we take that turn out. There is a very small percentage that do not turn out and these are referred to as outtakes. Everything else you will receive on your Photo DVD.

2. Can I make prints from my photos? Yes, all of our packages include rights to reproduce your images for personal uses. This is not limited to albums and prints, you can make slideshows, upload to websites, make posters, etc. The only rights not included are for resale or commercial uses.

3. What Deposit is required to confirm my Reservation? To confirm your reservation, you will need to send in a $200.00 deposit per service. If you would like to confirm Photography and Video, the total deposit is $400.00.

4. Should we do a “ First Look” before the Ceremony? This is the best new Wedding Tradition. Many couples today are taking advantage of the first look where we photograph the first time they see each other. This happens before the Ceremony so you can capture this most special moment privately, take your family group photos while everyone looks their freshest, and then enjoy your cocktail hour after the Wedding – nice bonus. It is a great stress reducer and it takes nothing away from the power you feel when you walk down the aisle in front of your gathered guests and lock eyes with your groom.

5. Are you available to help plan our timeline? Making the most of your photography time is our priority. All packages include assistance with your time line and recommendations for photography flow (who should go first, when should you be ready, what features of your property are the most photogenic spots).

6. How long will it take to receive my Photos/Video? Our turn around time is 3-5 weeks. We understand that you want to see and share your images asap, but quality editing does take time. If you just cannot wait, please send an email request for a couple to share the week after the Wedding. We are happy to email you our early favorite romantic images.

7. What are Enhanced Images? Enhanced Images are images that first have perfections applied. Then the image will receive a special effect. For example, colorized black and white, diffused glow, antiquing, saturation, etc. You will receive all versions of each enhanced image including the original, perfected, effect.

8. When is our final payment due? Your final payment is typically due two weeks before your Wedding Date. The amount and date due are listed on your contract.

9. My cousin takes beautiful photos, why should I hire a professional ? Wedding Photography is a fluid, action packed, and once in a life time opportunity. Most non professional photographers are used to taking photos of subjects when they have lots of time to set up. When these photographers are among their friends and family celebrating your Wedding, they want to enjoy themselves and can easily miss your most treasured moments. What if their camera breaks, do they have a back up set? There are no redos for your Wedding and having professional photography will insure you can relive your day with quality imagery for years.